Scott Bales Elected New Executive Director of IAALS

Scott Bales Elected New Executive Director of IAALS

Scott Bales will replace Rebecca Love Kourlis as Executive Director of IAALS—the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System at the University of Denver— in September 2019. Chief Justice Bales recently announced he will step down as Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court to take on the role. His dedication to improving and reforming our courts, the legal profession, and the judiciary has been a hallmark of his entire career, most recently in his leadership of the Arizona court system, now recognized as cutting edge in implementing critical legal system reforms.

Of his new role Chief Justice Bales said,

“I am honored by the opportunity to lead IAALS. No other organization plays a similar role in helping our legal system to more effectively afford justice to those it serves. Becky and the team she has assembled have greatly advanced this goal in courts and other forums across our nation. I look forward to working with others at IAALS and its many partners in carrying forward her remarkable legacy and addressing new challenges.” 

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