A Survey of Chinese State Capitalism

In Regulating the Visible Hand? The Institutional Implications of Chinese State Capitalism, editor and ALI member Curtis J. Milhaupt of Columbia Law School, alongside editor Benjamin L. Liebman, explore the institutional underpinnings driving China’s evolving economy. According to Professor Milhaupt:

Very little analysis has been devoted to the impact of Chinese state capitalism on institutional development—for China domestically and in the realm of global trade, investment, and antitrust regulation. … Our new book examines how extensive state intervention and participation in the economy influences legal development in China in areas such as the environment, labor and corporate law, and the conundrums Chinese state capitalism poses for global economic governance.

Professor Milhaupt is the Parker Professor of Comparative Corporate Law, Director of the Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law, Fuyo Professor of Japanese Law, and Director of the Center for Japanese Legal Studies, all at Columbia Law School. He is also a member of Columbia University’s Weatherhead East Asian Institute.  

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