Law of American Indians ALI CLE Courses Now Available

Law of American Indians ALI CLE Courses Now Available

Restatement of the Law, The Law of American Indians Reporter Matthew L.M. Fletcher and Associate Reporters Wenona T. Singel and Kaighn Smith Jr. recently teamed up with ALI CLE to offer two courses on the Law of American Indians, which are described below.

Economic Development in Indian Country: Lessons from the ALI’s Draft Restatement of the Law of American Indians, with Matthew L.M. Fletcher and Kaighn Smith Jr.

The complex topic of tribal economic development is one that rarely receives attention and is usually associated with Indian gaming. When it comes to the different forms of tribal economic development, each sovereign and the laws surrounding their economic involvement differ greatly. This course will detail the nuances of business in Indian country and how tribal nations achieve economic development while dealing with their sovereign counterparts, the federal government and the states. With more tribes doing business with U.S. companies, U.S. lawyers are crossing into Indian territory more and more. 

American Indian Law and U.S. Law: When Two Sovereigns Collide, with Matthew L.M. Fletcher and Wenona T. Singel

There are three kinds of sovereigns within the United States—federal, state, and tribal. The U.S. Constitution delineates the authorities, duties, and limitations of the United States in relation to the state governments, but the structure and text of the U.S. Constitution recognize Indian tribes as another kind of sovereign entity. In addition to the U.S. Constitution, there are statutes, executive orders, treaties, and other U.S. law that impact Indian tribes, and this is only complicated by each sovereign tribe’s individual set of laws. This program will present the basics of how U.S. law and tribal law intersect and how to navigate this complicated area of law.

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