Availability of Meeting Drafts 

All members will be notified by email when Annual Meeting drafts are available on the ALI website.  Members and project participants may use the links below to access Annual Meeting drafts, comments, and any motions.

Providing Comments on Annual Meeting Drafts

We encourage members to submit written comments on drafts. Comments may be submitted online or by email to the project's email address. 

Online: Go to the Projects page. Click on the project name, then on the Comments tab (sign-in required to see the tab), and follow the prompts.

Email: Send comments to the project's email address, which is listed on the Comments tab on the project's page and in the front of the draft.

Comments submitted via the online form or by email to a project’s email address will be automatically distributed to the project’s Reporters and the Director and Deputy Director, as well as to ALI Publications staff, who will post the comments on the project page during business hours.

Information on motions can be found on the Submission Instructions and Deadlines and Motions Procedures pages. Please note that there are also special instructions on motions for medical monitoring


Project Schedule 
At A Glance

Monday, May 20
Miscellaneous Provisions

Tuesday, May 21
Torts: Medical Malpractice
Torts: Remedies

Wednesday, May 22
Children and the Law
Corporate Governance