100 for 100

On the occasion of our 100th Anniversary, we embarked on a mission to raise the funds necessary to ensure the continuation of the work of the Institute for a second century. As part of this exciting goal, we issued a challenge to our donors who have the means, who cherish the rule of law, and who value our vital work, to be one of 100 donors giving $100,000 to The American Law Institute.

We are profoundly grateful to these donors for their generous support of the Institute, which will allow our work to continue for years to come.

100 for 100 Donors

Apgar-Black Foundation

Kim J. Askew

John H. Beisner

Sheila L. Birnbaum

Timothy W. Burns

Warren T. Burns

Evan R. Chesler

Deborah A. DeMott

J. William Elwin, Jr.

Sharon and Ivan Fong

Paul L. Friedman and Elizabeth Friedman

Yvonne Gonzalez and Matt Rogers

David B. Goodwin

Teresa Wilton Harmon

Conrad and Marsha Harper

William C. Hubbard

David W. Ichel

Renee Knake Jefferson and Wallace B. Jefferson

Michael Alexander Kahn

Carolyn B. Lamm and Peter E. Halle

Douglas Laycock and Teresa A. Sullivan

Carol F. Lee and David J. Seipp

Barbara and Michael Lynn

Margaret H. Marshall

Douglas R. Marvin

Robert H. Mundheim

Janet Napolitano

George and Joan Newcombe

Stephanie Parker

Douglas J. Pepe

Roberta Cooper Ramo and Barry W. Ramo

Pamela Samuelson and Robert J. Glushko

Robert P. Schuster

Christopher A. Seeger

Marsha E. Simms

Larry W. Sonsini

Elizabeth S. Stong

Larry D. Thompson

Chilton Davis Varner

Lori and Steve Weise

Peter A. Winograd


Members may join the 100 for 100 challenge by:

Making a one-time gift of $100,000

Making a pledge (to be paid in up to 10 annual installments)

Including ALI in your estate plans

For more information about joining these donors in the 100 for 100 challenge, please contact ALI Deputy Director Eleanor Barrett at ebarrett@ali.org.