Peter Solmssen Contributes to OECD Anti-Corruption Report

Peter Y. Solmssen, a member of the OECD Secretary-General’s High Level Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption and Integrity, contributed to the recommendations on ways the OECD can strengthen its work on combating bribery and promoting integrity. The report was delivered to the OECD Secretary-General on March 16, 2017 during the 2017 OECD Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum.

The 22 recommendations include the following: The OECD should “[c]reate and publish guidelines for criminal and civil settlements and voluntary disclosure….” Specifically, “[g]iven differences across legal systems, the OECD should establish a working group consisting of legal scholars and prosecutors from multiple countries, representatives of the WGB, civil society, and the private sector to develop guidelines to encourage and promote private sector cooperation with law enforcement.”

Mr. Solmssen currently serves as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of American International Group. He was Managing Board Member and General Counsel of Siemens AG, the German engineering company, from 2007 until 2014.

View the recommendations here.

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