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Professor Katherine Florey

Davis, CA
University of California, Davis School of Law
Harvard College
University of California-Berkeley School of Law

Katherine Florey is a Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Law at University of California Davis School of Law. Her research interests include private international law, federal Indian law, civil procedure, and public health law and policy. Within these fields, she is particularly interested in the extraterritorial application of law, theories of jurisdiction, and the powers of tribal courts. Her work in these areas has been cited by numerous state and federal courts. Before joining the UC Davis faculty in 2007, Professor Florey served as a law clerk to the Honorable William Fletcher of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. For law school, she attended UC Berkeley, where she received the Thelen Marrin Award for graduating first in her class. Prior to law school, she worked for several years as an editor, travel writer, and theater critic.

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Areas of Expertise
Civil Practice & Procedure (Litigation)
American Indian Law