Elected Member

Catherine M. Recker

Philadelphia, PA
Welsh & Recker, P.C.
Creighton University
Temple University School of Law

Catherine Recker is an attorney at Welsh & Recker. She has more than twenty years’ experience representing individuals and corporations in criminal investigations, trials and appeals and in other government enforcement and regulatory matters. These include cases and parallel proceedings alleging antitrust and securities violations, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other import/export violations, tax fraud, environmental violations, public corruption charges and Food Drug and Cosmetic Act violations, False Claims Act and anti-kickback laws. Ms. Recker has successfully persuaded prosecutors to decline action against corporate executives, publicly-traded companies as well as small business owners. She has successfully argued in the Court of Appeals for the Third and Fourth Circuits.

Areas of Expertise
Securities Law
Civil Practice & Procedure (Litigation)
Fraud & Deceit (Tort Law)