Policy on Nonmembers at Annual Meetings


Nonmember Advisers and Liaisons may attend the Annual Meeting and may register via the online registration form.

Members who will be accompanied by a nonmember family member or other guest can register these guests via the member’s online registration form.

Members of the press who are interested in attending a session or in a copy of Annual Meeting drafts, should contact Jennifer Morinigo (jmorinigo@ali.org). Additional instructions will be provided to members of the press upon registration.

All nonmembers who are permitted to attend must register for the Meeting and must wear the name badge that they receive upon check-in at the registration desk during all sessions and events. Persons not wearing their name badge are not permitted to enter the ballroom or other event venue.

For sessions and events where space is limited, preference will be given to members.

Speaking and voting

Nonmembers are generally not permitted to speak from the floor of the Annual Meeting, due to the limited amount of time for each session and the number of members who want to make comments, suggestions, and motions. Written comments on the Annual Meeting project drafts are welcome and will posted on the project pages of the ALI website.

Nonmembers, including nonmember Advisers and Liaisons, who wish to speak from the floor of the Annual Meeting must request floor privileges in advance. The President, in consultation with the Director and Deputy Director, will consider these requests.

Requests should be submitted in writing by May 12 by email to ebarrett@ali.org. The following information should be included: (1) the particular matter that the nonmember wishes to address; (2) the nonmember’s role in the project or relevant credentials and affiliations with respect to the matter; (3) the nature of the nonmember’s interest in the matter; (4) the name of any employer, client, or other person or organization that may have suggested that the nonmember address the matter at the Meeting or on whose behalf the nonmember may be speaking; and (5) a summary of the nonmember’s intended comments. Whether a nonmember who is granted floor privileges by the President in advance will be recognized for subsequent comments or further discussion at the Meeting is subject to the discretion of the chair of the session.

When speaking from the floor of the Meeting, nonmembers must identify themselves as nonmembers and state their role or the nature of their interest in the project.

Nonmembers may not make or second a motion or vote on any matter.