The Caremark Decision at 21: Corporate Compliance Comes of Age

On October 26, Temple Law Review and the Center for Compliance and Ethics will host a symposium honoring the 21st anniversary of the Delaware Chancery Court’s transformative decision In re Caremark Int’l Inc. Derivative Litigation.

Caremark is widely cited for the proposition that corporate directors have a “duty of oversight” for a corporation’s management and activities. Although the character, scope, and liability implications of this duty are far from clear, it has become a staple of discussions about corporate governance and the emerging body of thought and practice on corporate compliance.

James A. Fanto and Claire A. Hill, Associate Reporters for the Compliance Principles Project, and Adviser Donald C. Langevoort are among the speakers at the symposium. Advisers and MCG members for this project are invited to attend a symposium, which takes place the day before the Compliance project meeting on October 27.

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