Rachel Barkow on Clemency Reform

Rachel Barkow on Clemency Reform

The Federalist Society is hosting a teleforum discussing clemency reform featuring Rachel E. Barkow of NYU Law.

From the event page:

The Biden administration has announced it is considering clemency for convicted drug offenders among the approximately 4,000 prisoners released early from federal prison due to the pandemic, who are subject to being returned when the national emergency declaration expires. Some argue this does not go far enough, noting the administration has not proposed structural changes to a process they describe as marred by delays and political favoritism in administrations of both parties. Among the key questions are how to balance expectations for finality among prosecutors, victims, and the public with the benefits of second chances earned after an objective review.  Also, this discussion will explore whether the clemency process should be partly or fully moved out of DOJ.

The forum will take place on Thursday, October 14 at 2pm EDT via Zoom. Registration is required.

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