#MeToo Companion Symposium

Susan Bisom-Rapp of Thomas Jefferson School of Law and Nancy Gertner of Harvard Law School recently participated in a companion symposium, hosted by Stanford Law Review and Yale Law Journal.

The symposium “aims to draw lessons from the #MeToo movement for activists, scholars, policymakers, lawyers, and judges. Across the two journals, the Symposium offers twelve scholars’ insights on the ways sexual harassment produces and is produced by broader forms of inequality.”

In “Sex Harassment Training Must Change: The Case for Legal Incentives for Transformative Education and Prevention,” Professor Bisom-Rapp discusses the legal relevance of harassment training and the effectiveness of such training to prevent harassment. While in “Sexual Harassment and the Bench,” Professor Gertner takes a similar stance by underlining the light the #MeToo movement has cast on the judiciary and examining the work being done by the Federal Judiciary Workplace Conduct Working Group to combat workplace harassment.

Access the companion essays from Standford Law Review and Yale Law Journal

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