Children and the Law Reporter Elizabeth Scott Featured

Children and the Law Reporter Elizabeth Scott Featured

Columbia Law School recently published an article featuring Restatement of the Law, Children and the Law, Reporter Elizabeth Scott, the Law School’s Harold R. Medina Professor of Law.  In the piece, Professor Scott discussed the importance of the project and the unique issues that arise when considering children and the law. 

Professor Scott noted, “Our goal is to bring some coherence to an area of the law that is very messy, because children are not like adults. Children are subject to the authority of their parents and to state authority, but they are legal persons and have some rights. So we are trying to clarify when children should be treated differently from adults and when they should have the rights and responsibilities of adults.”

The article also chronicles the history of the Institute and its influence and notes the ALI connection of additional Columbia Law School faculty, including ALI Director Emeritus Lance Liebman, Ronald Gilson, Richard Briffault, Suzanne Goldberg, George Bermann, Thomas Merrill, and Jane Ginsburg.

Read the feature on the school's website.

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