Charitable Nonprofits Project Featured at 2019 NASCO/NAAG Conference

Jill R. Horwitz, Reporter on the Restatement of the Law, Charitable Nonprofit Organizations project and Vice Dean for Faculty and Intellectual Life and Professor of Law at UCLA Law, presented “Restatement on Charities” at the joint conference of The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) and The National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO).  Professor Horwitz presented alongside Karin Kunstler-Goldman, New York Assistant Attorney General, and Mark Pacella, Pennsylvania Chief Deputy Attorney General.

NAAG serves as the national forum for attorneys general and their staff to collaboratively and effectively address issues important to their work and provides resources to support the work of the offices of attorneys general in protecting the Rule of Law and the United States Constitution.

NASCO is an association of state offices (attorneys general, secretaries of state and other offices) charged with oversight of charitable organizations and charitable solicitation in the United States.   NASCO provides a forum for states to communicate and collaborate on matters of common interest related to charities oversight and enforcement.

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