2018 Penn Law Review Symposium

2018 Penn Law Review Symposium

On Oct. 19-20, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review is hosting a symposium titled “The History, Theory, and Practice of Administrative Constitutionalism.” Among the participants are ALI members Ronald A. Cass of Cass & Associates and Chairman of the Center for the Rule of Law, Lucas Guttentag of Stanford and Yale Law Schools, Olatunde Johnson of Columbia Law School, Cristina M. Rodriguez of Yale Law School, and Christopher S. Yoo of University of Pennsylvania Law School.

From the symposium page:

In the last ten years, a field of scholarship has developed that sheds new historical and theoretical light on these interlocking issues of administration and constitutional law. Gathered under the moniker administrative constitutionalism, these scholars study the constitutional roots of the administrative state, the role that its agencies play in interpreting, implementing, and transforming constitutional law, and the tools that presidents, legislators, judges, and everyday citizens use to control the administrative state’s constitutional creativity.

This symposium is the first to tackle the timely topic of administrative constitutionalism. Bringing together leading scholars to analyze and debate constitutionalism in and of the administrative state, it will generate cutting edge work on the history, theory, and practice of administrative constitutionalism.

Here is a breakdown of the panel topics:

The Origins of Administrative Constitutionalism
Panelists: Gregory Ablavsky (Stanford), Sophia Lee (Penn), Karen Tani (UC Berkeley) commentator: Kristin Collins (Boston U)
Moderator: Maggie McKinley (Penn)

Administrative Constitutionalism in the Modern Administrative State
Panelists: William Novak (Michigan), Jeremy Kessler (Columbia), Joanna Grisinger (Northwestern) commentator: Reuel Schiller (UC Hastings)
Moderator: Daniel Walters (Penn)

Debating Administrative Constitutionalism – Theory
Panelists: Bertrall Ross (UC Berkeley), David Bernstein (Antonin Scalia)
Commentators: Olatunde Johnson (Columbia), Shirin Sinnar (Stanford)
Moderator: Sophia Lee (Penn)

Debating Administrative Constitutionalism – Practice
Panelists: Lucas Guttentag (Yale), Alejandro Mayorkas (WilmerHale), Peter Margulies (Roger Williams), Cristina Rodriguez (Yale), Josh Blackman (South Texas)
Moderator: Nicholas Parrillo (Yale)

Debating the Non-Delegation Doctrine
Panelists: Cary Coglianese (Penn), Ronald Cass (Center for the Rule of Law)
Moderator: Christopher Yoo (Penn)

Debating the Constitutionality of the Administrative State
Panelists: Gillian Metzger (Columbia), Michael Rappaport (U San Diego), Joseph Postell (U Colorado), Jon Michaels (UC Los Angeles)
Moderator: Mila Sohoni (U San Diego)

Learn more about the event at Penn Law Review.

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