Learn more about the Annual Meeting and the projects on this year's agenda in the features below.

Property Torts

Reporter Henry E. Smith and Associate Reporter John C.P. Goldberg discuss the connection property torts has to both Restatements of Torts and Property. 

Property: Bailments 

Associate Reporter Christopher M. Newman explains how bailment law is addressed in Restatement of the Law Fourth, Property, the first time that a property Restatement has attempted to address bailment as a single coherent doctrine. 

American Indian Law: When Two Sovereigns Collide

In this episode, Reporter Matthew Fletcher and Associate Reporter Wenona Singel, discuss the nuanced and highly complex field of American Indian Law. Matthew and Wenona begin by exploring the history of tribal sovereignty, and discuss the rights of American Indians as both tribal citizens and U.S. citizens.

Conflict of Laws: Domicile

Associate Reporter Laura E. Little talks about how changes in modern lifestyles have challenged the domicile concept and how the Restatement of the Law Third, Conflict of Laws is addressing these developments. 

Choice of Law: Foreign Law

Associate Reporter Christopher A. Whytock discusses the challenges courts face when choice of law rules direct the application of the law of a foreign jurisdiction and how the Restatement of the Law Third, Conflict of Laws is addressing this issue. 

Project Schedule 
At A Glance

Monday, May 17
American Indian Law
Compliance and Enforcement
Children and the Law

Tuesday, May 18
Principles for a Data Economy
Intentional Torts 

Monday, June 7
MPC: Sexual Assault
Government Ethics
Conflict of Laws

Tuesday, June 8
MPC: Sexual Assault (cont.)